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Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing.
    You guard all that is mine.

Psalm 16:5 NLT

 Excerpted  from 2031 Names of God: Transform Your Life as You Get to Know God in New Ways

Meditate on this name today. Ask God what He wants you to know from it.

Some of you tried to view the videos of my dad’s memorial service, but were 19 Ken Navy portrait (1)unable to do that, because our website had been hacked. It is now cleaned up, so you can see them on  www.RRbooks.org/ken. In case you didn’t know, my dad, Ken Williams, was the Vice President of Relationship Resources and co-authored several books with me. You can learn more about the books and Relationship Resources by going to www.RRbooks.org.


Gaylyn Williams

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Please pray for Ken Williams

Please pray for Ken, my dad. He is in his final days here on earth. He has prostate cancer that has gone into his bones and bone marrow. He is so ready to graduate and get to be with Jesus. God has blessed him in many ways and blessed so many others through him. Even in these days when he is bed bound and getting weaker, he continues to minister to people who call or come visit him.


Many, if not most, of you have been blessed through his teaching and/or his books. If you would like to send him a message, send it to rrbooks101@yahoo.com. I’ll make sure he gets it.


My dad also continues to meditate on verses he memorized over his life-time. They are bringing him such joy and peace. I want to encourage you to memorize at least one verse this week. Don’t use the excuse that you can’t memorize Scripture. We are all able to hide God’s Word in our hearts (if you aren’t telling yourself that you can’t do it).When we do, God blessed us in great ways!


If you are not sure what verse to memorize, try Isaiah 26:3. It is one that my dad has meditated on many of the last days.


You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

Isaiah 26:3 NLT


Perfect peace is actually “Shalom Shalom.” Shalom is so much more than just peace. It also means rest, wholeness, well, happy, health, prosperity, favor and much more.

Meditate today on how God can keep you in His perfect Shalom, when you trust Him and fix your thoughts on him.


Blessings on you today in all you do,

Gaylyn Williams

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God’s Name: The One and Only God Who Delivers

I’m still your God,
    the God who saved you out of Egypt.
I’m the only real God you’ve ever known.
    I’m the one and only God who delivers.
I took care of you during the wilderness hard times,
    those years when you had nothing.
I took care of you, took care of all your needs,
    gave you everything you needed.
You were spoiled. You thought you didn’t need me.
    You forgot me.

Hosea 13:4-6 MSG

Excerpted  from 2031 Names of God: Transform Your Life as You Get to Know God in New Ways

  • Meditate on this name. Ask the Lord to reveal what He wants you to see from it today.
  • What does it mean to you today that God is the One who delivers you?
  • What do you need Him to deliver you from? What has He delivered you from?

Blessings on you as you get to know God,

Gaylyn Williams, author of The Surprising Joy of Exploring God’s Heart: A Daily Adventure with 365 of His Names 

and co-author with Ken Williams Ph.D.,, of All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go, Solutions to De-Stressing Your Life, Recover Your Sanity

“This book is beyond amazing! What a treasure! I’ve considered myself a serious student of Scripture for 60 years, but had no idea of the richness of God’s revelation about who He is. This book will be a companion to my Bible reading and devotional times from now on, as I come to appreciate even more God’s rich character.”

—Ken Williams, Ph.D., fifty-five year Missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and Founder of International Training Partners

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Daily Name of God: Our God For Ever and Ever

For this God is our God for ever and ever;
he will be our guide even to the end.
 Psalm 48:14 NIV

Steps on Your Journey to Know God More Intimately:

  • Consider this name today.
  • What does it mean to you that God is Your God for ever and ever? How does that affect your life?
  • Talk to God about this name.

Today is my dad’s birthday—Ken Williams. Join me in saying Happy Birthday to him. If you know him—or even if you don’t—you are welcome to send him a birthday greeting at Ken@rrbooks.org.

My dad has helped with this blog in so many ways. By the way, this verse is very special to my parents. You might ask them why!

Happy Birthday, Dad. I pray your day is blessed and this coming year is filled with joy as you continue your journey to get to know God. I love you,

Gaylyn co-author with my dad, Ken Williams, of All Stressed Up and Everywhere to Go!: Solutions to De-Stressing Your Life and Recovering Your Sanity

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